pátek 14. října 2011

Radical Right and Populist parties in Europe - vol.2.

For my students in the course "Radicalism in Europe" and for everyone who is interested in issues of European rightist political radicalism, populism, xenophobia (especially islamophobia, antisemitism, antiziganism), euroskepticism etc.
Recommended sources:  

Boettcher, Alexander: How Strong is Right-wing Populism in Europe?, Social Europe Journal, 11. 8. 2011
Mudde, Cas: The populist radical Right: A pathological normalcy, Eurozine 2010
Mudde, Cas: Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe, Cambridge 2007
Mudde, Cas: Radical Right Parties in Europe: What, Who, Why?, Participation, Vol. 35, No. 1
Primor, Adar: The unholy alliance between Israel's Right and Europe's anti-Semites, Haaretz, 12. 12. 2010
Primor, Adar: Where have all the anti-Semites gone?, Haaretz, 26. 3. 2010
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